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Where to Get Help


Where to Get Help 


If you think you or a friend might have been exploited, or you would like some advice there are lots of people who can help.


First it’s important to remember that the Police care a lot about children and young people being safe. Child Sexual Exploitation is against the law and they want to help.

If you, or someone else, is in immediate danger then dial 999 and ask for help from the police.

Remember you don’t need credit to ring 999.

If you’re not in immediate danger you can tell the police about CSE by dialing 101.


If you want someone to talk to you can ring Childline at any time of the day on 08001111 or chat to them at


CEOP gives information about staying safe on the internet and how to report someone who has made you feel uncomfortable on line.


If you have concerns about sexually transmitted infections, RUClear offers free, confidential NHS tests and advice.

It’s Not Okay:

If you live in Greater Manchester visit for details of specialist CSE services in your area.

Don’t forget there are people in your school who you can talk to if you are worried about sexual exploitation.

Remember exploitation is never your fault, even if you went along with things at first. The people above want to help you, they won’t blame you.