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Bespoke Training

Bespoke Training

The Real Love Rocks team offer bespoke training designed to support you with the particular children, young people and situations you work with. Our training packages therefore include, but are not limited to, the courses below.

If your team has other training needs around healthy relationships, CSE, grooming and keeping safe please get in touch.

Barnardo’s CSE Awareness Raising:

A two hour Introduction to CSE focussing on understanding what CSE is, recognising warning signs, identifying risk and being confident how to report and escalate concerns.

Level one or Level two CSE awareness and Resources Training:

Either a one day (Level One) or two day (Level Two) training course focussing on CSE, grooming, recognising vulnerability, relevant legislation and offering support. Participants are trained to use practical tools and resources to both identify risk and work with young people at a preventative or low risk level.

CSE and Trafficking Training:

A one day introduction to both CSE, trafficking and how they relate to each other. Participants will have an increased understanding of both CSE and trafficking, as well as being able to spot underlying vulnerability factors and warning signs.

Two Day Foster Carer’s Safer Accommodation Training:

A two day training course aimed at foster carers. The training focusses on giving foster carers the knowledge and understanding to know what CSE is, how to spot the signs with children in their care, understand the impact it can have on behaviour and how to best respond to a child who has been exploited. It also supports foster carers to understand the need for multi-agency working and be able to identify additional support needs of young people, carers and associated professionals.

Introduction to Peer exploitation and sexual bullying:

A one day training course looking at peer exploitation focussing on sexual bullying, sexting and the influence and impact of watching porn. Participants will be trained in understanding peer exploitation, how to spot the signs and how to report it. They will be provided with tools and resources to both help implement procedures around peer exploitation and run prevention work directly with their young people.

Safety Planning with Young People:

A half day training course looking at how, as professionals, we can help support children and young people to keep safe. Participants will be given, and trained, to use resources that can be used in individual or group settings.

Internet Safety with Children:

A one day training course aimed at those working with children in years 4-6, looking at the risks children take when they are online and how we can support them to be safe. The training focusses on changes in generational norms and how technology can be used positively to help children stay safe.

Barnardo’s Training and Consultancy:

Barnardo’s also has a training arm of the organisation which uses the experience of working in the most complex and challenging situations over the last 140 years, to build tailor made solutions over a range of topics to meet your training or consultancy needs. Please use the page below to enquire further.